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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint do you use?

All my glass pieces are created with Acrylic Enamel paint specifically designed for glassware and ceramics ONLY.

Are your hand painted items usable?

Yes! Almost everything I create is able to be used everyday, unless it is specified as a decor piece. After each item is painted it is heat cured. This practice adheres the paint to the glass to help avoid any scratching or removal of the applied paint.

How do I care for Hand Painted Glass?

Caring for your usable glass art is simple! Just hand wash your item with a gentle cloth and dish soap. The paint will not wash off the surface if you use this practice. Avoid scrubbing or using anything abrasive on your glassware. My products are NOT dishwasher safe.
Placing hand painted items in the dishwasher is not recommended ever.

Are there any subjects you will not paint?

I do not accept commissions for people portraits, copyrighted imagery, cartoons or logos. Although I have done it all and more, I like to stick with nature, pets, animals, bugs, architecture, landscapes and florals. All these things make me happy and inspire my creativity.

How long do I need to wait for a custom commission?

My custom work is scheduled on a waitlist situation. I am regularly booked to at least 6 months out and can only accept a limited amount of commissions per month. If you visit the Commissions page you can sign up there to get on the waitlist. Once I receive your request, you will be assigned a spot and given an estimated completion time. No deposits are taken for custom commissions until your project is in production.

Will you paint on other surfaces, other than glass?

At this time, I am only offering items made of glass or ceramic. The paint I use is specifically designed for these two surfaces only. I also have size limitations on what I will paint as my studio is primarily designed for small works. I will not paint anything larger than a length of 14 inches

Do you offer bulk discounts or wholesale pricing?

Bulk quantity requests are accepted based upon availability.  Discounts for bulk quantities are not being offered at this time.