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My Story and My Process


Hello, I am Lizz Klaras, a professional artist from a small town in the middle of the Midwest. I am a military spouse, girl mom, Chiweenie boss, plant person and the sole artist behind LK Custom Creations.

I have always been one who creates.  I love all aspects of design and it has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I love the beauty that comes from nature, animals, architecture, interiors, and traveling.  These things inspire me everyday.

My original career goal was to become an illustrator. I graduated from the Savannah College Of Art and design in 2004 and began seeking freelance opportunities. I spent almost 10 years looking for consistent artistic work, but nothing really seemed to stick. Although this time in my life was a little discouraging, it allowed me to perfect my painting skills, practice above satisfactory customer service and learn from constructive criticism.  This all led me to where I am today.

I have been painting for over 30 years.  I only learned to paint on glass shortly after starting my online business. I found it was the one thing I loved the most. In the beginning of this little business venture, I painted on whatever anyone asked for. When the request was not glass, I just wasn’t as excited about it for some reason. Eventually, I decided this was my favorite canvas and I was going to perfect my style and techniques exclusively with this medium.

So, why do I love painting on glass?  I have come to know that I am a lazy painter. I am not great at cleanup, I don’t like a lot of materials or large scale projects. I constantly mix and muddy my colors. I am very impatient when it comes to drying time. I love painting on a 3D surface and utilizing every possible inch.  If this is you, you might want to paint on glass too! 

Although, there is a negative to this specialty.  Professional glass painters encounter frequent change. I have learned that quick adaptation to change is crucial in order to succeed. Over the years, some of my favorite materials have been suddenly discontinued and left me scrambling to find a comparable substitute. As glass requires an acrylic enamel designed for non porous surfaces, there really aren’t many options available. Supplies can be limited and I have found them often to be of a lesser quality.  Why?  Glass painting is often considered more of a craft than a fine art. I aim to change that perception through my work. Throughout all my experimentation, I have discovered how to alter available pigments to create a higher quality product. I have designed over 20 of my very own custom colored formulas specifically for my glass painting techniques. In every piece I create, I use at least half of those colors or more. Painting on glass is different than any other surface. You will learn quickly that it can be very unforgiving. It can be puzzling and a great challenge.  When asked how I make my colors so bright and opaque it has a lot to do with how the paint is applied and the colors I am mixing. When working on a transparent surface, you are always fighting the light or sometimes light can be your friend. You have to accomplish this balance to make your pieces come to life.  My tip is, if you are using all 20 colors, just remember that light is color number 21!


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