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Hand Painted Glass

Inspired by Nature & highly detailed… any ordinary piece becomes extraordinary!

Everyday items

From custom wine glass collections to gravy boats, if it is made of glass, LK can paint it and create a custom piece that is not only functional but full of unique artistic style.

Custom Decor

Vases, ornaments, wall art and more! Spruce up your space with custom glass collectibles. These pieces are uniquely created and stand out from traditional artwork.


Custom Commissions
& Original Designs

Explore the possibilities….


LK Custom Creations was established in 2013 and began as a small design business offering custom products primarily for events and weddings. As the industry rapidly changed and I wanted to incorporate more of my painting abilities, I began exploring other ways to bring my art into the world. With much experimentation, I found a love for painting glass and never looked back. I enjoy the way I can create art from an everyday usable item. I feel that I bring something different as an artist and love painting on a 3D surface. I love working one on one with my clients and incorporating their ideas into my creations. I love nature, animals and the beauty from the world around us.


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